About Us

Founded in 2007, The Big Fix Ltd. is an arts, media and community development service,

focussed on restoring Planetary Health.

Phone: 61 407437553
Address: 101 Wentworth Street, Blackheath NSW Australia 2785


Our Mission:

To change the story to grow a collaborative solutions-focused culture.

What we do:

The Big Fix Ltd. develops and shares collaborative models for living and working in the 21st century – including creatively redesigning media, education, work and how communities connect, with artists and storytellers central to these new models. Our goal is to assist communities to establish collaborative hyperlocal and bioregional place-based solutions to restore Planetary Health.

Who we are:

The Big Fix Ltd. is a registered charity and umbrella organisation for The Big Fix Media, Blue Mountains Pluriversity, Blackheath Community Farm, Blue Mountains Permaculture Institute, and the youth social enterprise Edgy Blue Mountains.


The Big Fix is governed by a cross-sector Community Board.

Director: Barbara Armitage OAM
Barbara has been a founding member of The Big Fix Ltd. and has been Mayor of Waverley Council, Chair of the NSW Local Government Grants Commission, Deputy Chair of the Community Action Grants for the NSW Federal Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry, and Chair Sydney Coastal Councils. She has also been a member of the NSW Premier’s Council on Crime Prevention and Associate to Mr Justice Allen, Supreme Court of Australia. She is currently a mediator and Code of Conduct Reviewer.

Director: Antonia Miller
Antonia is an artist, writer and educator, and is currently Senior Legal Editor and Special Projects Officer at the Judicial Commission of NSW. She has been senior editor at CCH, Product and Content Developer LexisNexis, editor Thomson Reuters, editor Federal Court of Australia, editor Law and Justice Foundation NSW, and lecturer on antiques and contemporary decorative art.

Director: Sue Gregg
Sue is a coordinator of Blackheath Community Farm. She has a Bachelor of Science from Sydney University and, while raising two daughters, worked part-time for CSR Ltd. in sugarcane research, where she developed a love of growing plants. Following this she attained diplomas in Naturopathy and Botanic Medicine. Sue has worked for 17 years with St George Bank, initially in customer service roles and then as a member of their IT team.

Director: Elaine Valton
Elaine has managed an environment and conservation scheme in Bristol for what was then the Avon County Council Conservation Department and was a member of the Bath Stone Quarry Foundation Board. She set up the first dedicated training and development service for the Housing Authority of a large London Borough. In Australia she created a career transition and development program and worked with the Fremantle Migrant Resource Centre, Ernst & Young in Perth and on a Women’s Leadership Programme. As well as HR (Human Resources), she has studied Horticulture and a Masters by Research looking at sustainable work practices. She has volunteered with a Gardening for the Elderly Scheme in Sydney’s Inner west and in Blackheath she has been a HUFF Coordinator and is a founding member of Blackheath Community Farm.

Director: Ian Dalkin
Ian is a multimedia designer specializing in cartooning and animation. He builds websites and custom software.