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The Big Fix Bioregional Magazine

Welcome to Issue 4 of The Big Fix magazine, which shares stories from Lithgow, the Blue Mountains, Penrith, and the Hawkesbury. You can read the magazine here or you can download your magazine in ePub format here


The Big Fix Bioregional Magazine

The 2017 Winter edition of The Big Fix magazine was our first bioregional print edition. It covered The Blue Mountains, Lithgow, Penrith and the Hawkesbury. The 2018 edition is in production and will be out soon! 


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Autumn Edition of The Big Fix magazine

Welcome to the Autumn edition of The Big Fix magazine. The magazine shares solutions stories from every sector.


You can read the magazine here or  you can download our magazine in ePub format here 

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Blackheath Launches Australia's First Solutions Media Service

Blackheath has become a prototype for how communities can work collaboratively to tackle challenges. It is also balancing the negative influence of much mainstream media on our society, by creating Australia's first solutions-focused media service.