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We are changing the story with dizzying speed ... let's keep it up in 2018!

Thank you everyone, we are creating seismic change around the world - and even just by liking and sharing 'solutions media' we are changing the story! Let's keep it up in 2018. Check out today's bumper Solutions Digest with stories about Brazil

dropping support for mega-dams in the Amazon, Ukraine using "the sandwich" to fight corruption, the explosion of electric buses around the world to clean up toxic air pollution, repair cafes and inclusive disability friendly spaces in Australia, a wind farm record in Denmark, a Tesla battery in Victoria, One Planet Development in Wales, and the reduction of teen drinking and drug abuse in Iceland .... 

These stories and more in today's Solutions Digest:

• VIDEO: How a poor farmer in Indonesia spent 20 years planting tree seeds and brought water back to save his village. View here

• VIDEO: The Resistance is on fire. How we spent 2017 changing the story. View here

• How communal electric transport, in the form of buses, is taking off around the world, helping to reduce poisonous air pollution in cities. Read more here

• How Denmark set a new wind record in 2017, producing enough energy to cover 43.6% of the country's total electricity consumption. Read more here

• How the Tales by Trees Trilogy is a set of modern fairy tales exploring our relationship with  nature. Each sale also aims to help regrow forest! View here

• How Repair Cafes are creating community with common purpose, shared wisdom, care, respect, wonder and delight. Read more here

• How giant mirrors are bringing light to a dark Norwegian town. Read more here

• How Victoria is now getting a big Tesla battery too. Read more here

• How inclusive disability friendly spaces for people of all ages with sensory integration issues are emerging around Australia. Read more here

• How the Brazilan government will no longer support new mega-dams in the Amazon basin. Read more here

• How teen drinking - as well as teen smoking, marijuana use, and abuse of other drugs - has plummeted across Iceland in the past two decades. Read more here

• How for the last three years, Ukrainian civil society and the international community have been experimenting with a new way to force the government to undertake major anti-corruption reforms called “the sandwich". Read more here

• How Belize is ending oil operations in its ocean waters. Read more here

• How Wales's One Planet Development strategy is using legislation and planning policy to reduce its ecological footprint to a level that’s fair compared to the rest of the planet’s population and resources. Read more here


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