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Happy New Year

May 2018 be the year we all learn to live more compassionately together, and more lightly, on this beautiful planet. This painting, "Leave No  Footprint" is by a dear friend who is no longer with us ... Kay Singleton-Keller. Thank you for your continued inspiration Kay. We hope you'll all be inspired today

by the many stories of progress globally that paint a very hopeful picture for the future we're all building together. Read more in today's Solutions Digest and please share with your friends to inspire more people to do the same:

• How hundreds of new laws will go into effect in California today, making it more like a Scandinavian country than an American state  - from potection for undocumented immigrants, to tougher gun laws, the acceptance of recreational marijuana and more. Read more here

• How the Harvard Business Review has identified major changes in global business that will make corporations more humane and sustainable. Read more here

• How there are more co-operative enterprises in Finland than there are people, in what has been described as "the peaceful endeavour of the underpriveleged to improve their lot by their own efforts, joined together". Read more here

• VIDEO: How algae can be used for biofuel and food production. View here

• How The Big Fix and Blackheath Community Farm wish everyone a Happy New Year! View here

• VIDEO: How Christmas tree rentals can reduce some of the waste of the six million Christmas trees discarded every year in the UK alone. View here

• How German architecture students built a community centre together with 25 refugees. Read more here

• How this week Shenzhen in China announced that it completely electrified its fleet with more than 16,000 electric buses. Read more here

• How China's 'sponge cities' are tuning streets green to combat flooding. Read more here

• How one of The Big Fix's main projects this year was the establishment of Blackheath  Community Farm to grow community and to produce lots of locally acclimatised heritage seed to share with the community. Read more here

• How Beijing recorded its biggest improvement in air quality in at least nine years. Read more here


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