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15 09 02 broken011
Restoring rivers with garden stakes, Fixfest, Mending Mondays, Clay Pipe Air Conditioners and Natural Dyes

Our culture is changing as individuals and groups globally embrace repair, restoration, permaculture and the aesthetics of natural materials - from restoring rivers with garden stakes, to a Fixfest, Mending Mondays,

air conditioners made with clay pipes and traditional artisans replacing textile chemicals with natural dyes. 

These stories and more in today's Solutions Digest:

• How putting simple garden stakes into rivers may support more biodiversity than treeplanting! Read more here

• How the Blue Mountains Food Co-op is helping to grow a fixing culture with 'Mending on Mondays'. Read more here

• How the Fixfest in London will celebrate a surge of interest in community repair groups across the globe. Read more here

• VIDEO: How an Indian company built a zero-energy air conditioner using clay pipes. View here

• How, concerned about the health impacts of textile chemicals, traditional artisans in Mexico are producing vivid colours from crushed insects and forest plants. Read more here

• How H.I.V. infection rates are falling in Africa, a sign that the AIDS epidemic could be brought to an end. Read more here

• How Indianapolis has committed to achieving carbon neutrality by 2050. Read more here

• EVENT: Eunice Neves from Portugal has spent 15 months with permaculture pioneers and researching permaculture pratctices internationally and will be presenting her findings tonight at Lawson in the Blue Mountains. Read more here

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