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Powerful Movements: Daylighting, Connectivity and Animal Rights

Wonderful and powerful movements are springing up around the world to restore ecosystems and humanity's relationship with the natural world. From "Daylighting" rivers, to the "Connectivity" movement and a rise in caring about animal rights - from pets to wildlife.

These stories and more in today's Solutions Digest:

• How the global "Daylighting" movement is rediscovering urban waterways in cities and creating more natural ecologies for rivers that had been forced underground. Read more here

• How Chinese youth are embracing new attitudes to protecting pets and wildlife - it's helping to change attitudes toward ivory and other wildlife products. Read more here

• How Seneca and the Stoics wrote that misplaced worry prevents us from fully living. Read more here

• How Louisiana is attempting the "most important environmental construction project in US history" as it plans to siphon off sediment and water from the Mississippi River to rebuild coastline. Read more here 

• How all the houses in a new housing development in the U.K. are demonstrating how they can be "buildings as power stations" with the hope that scaling this concept can help avoid building new power stations. Read more here

• How a Canadian university team are building connectivity maps to save vulnerable species in cities. Read more here

• How rural America is building its own internet because Big Telecom has little interest in expanding to small towns and farmlands. Read more here

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