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Spring Harvest Picnic & Garlic Sale

Spring Harvest Picnic & Garlic Sale

Blackheath Community Farm welcomes visitors to the Farm every Sunday from 10am. This Sunday, 
26 November, we'll be celebrating our first 10 months with a Spring Harvest Picnic and a Garlic Sale.

We'll be selling our first crop of garlic, and have three types for sale:

Monaro Purple - This is a hardneck variety ideally suited for cooler areas. It has a warm to hot, spicy rich flavour. The story goes that it first appeared in the Snowy Mountains NSW around 80 years ago when the first Yugoslavian tunnel diggers for the Snowy Hydro Scheme brought the garlic out from Europe.

Printanor - This is a softneck variety and is the ideal type for braiding. It stores well for longer periods. It is a French heirloom garlic that has been sold in Australia since the late 1980's and has a strong garlic flavour. It is excellent for all garlic uses.

Roy's Purple - This is another hardneck variety derived from 'New Zealand Purple'. It has a rich, nutty flavour. It is suitable to a wider range of climates and is more tolerant of cold and damp conditions than other varieties.


We'll also have our very own specialty ... 'roo pruned garlic!


The intrepid Blackheath community farmers meet every Sunday, rain or shine, from 10am until 1pm (often longer!) and warmly welcome all visitors. The Farm is on a block of land that has been generously made available to the community by Mountains Christian College. It is at the bottom of the school and can be entered from the last gate at 60 Thirroul Ave Blackheath (which is unlocked every Sunday).


At each working bee we share a picnic, the day's produce and some great conversation.


The Farm is proudly auspiced by The Big Fix Inc. and you can subscribe to our newsletter on the right hand side of this page or follow regular updates on our Facebook page.


Enquiries to Lis on 0407 437 553 or email lis(at)


Lis Bastian

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