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Mina Howard - giving us a Heads Up For Fire!

On a hot windy day in Blackheath (perfect fire weather we both agree), I meet Mina Howard for a cup of tea in the Govett Café. In 2009 Mina established something called HUFF and I am there to find out how it works. HUFF, or Heads Up For Fire (and other emergencies), was born in the aftermath of the 2009 Victorian bushfires which killed 173 people. Like all great ideas, it’s very simple: “Knock on your neighbour’s door and ask if they’re OK!”

Peter Baldwin and the DebateGraph

“He who knows only his own side of a case, knows little of that”.

John Stuart Mill

he first time I meet Peter Baldwin we are at the Blackheath 
Philosophy Forum. It’s Saturday afternoon, on the lingering tail of a golden Blackheath autumn, and the community hall is packed.

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Diary of a Compost Hub Champion

The most important thing that years of growing veggies in my backyard has taught me is that if I don’t feed the soil, the soil can’t feed me. Things finally came to a head last summer when everything I planted stopped growing at micro-veg stage. Suddenly I had a bonsai crop, not the abundant garden I’d been hoping for!

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Bike Trail launched in World Heritage Listed Blue Mountains 

Passion, patience, persistence and the dogged determination of a handful of key champions, with a vision of building a Blue Mountains Bike Trail, finally paid off when the first section of the Great Blue Mountains

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The Big Fix Launches Youth Cafe

Recently The Big Fix launched its first Youth Cafe in Blackheath ... a space for 14-18 year olds to gather on a Wednesday night to socialise, get inspired, and collaborate on tackling both local and global issues that concern them. 


Bush Trackers brings a touch of magic to bushwalks

Children see things differently. Not only are they a little closer to the ground than your average adult, but so many of the things they encounter are being experienced for the first time.


 Jim in Workshop 1

 Watchmaker, beekeeper, maker and fixer


Jim Crowther, watchmaker, beekeeper, maker and fixer of objects large and small, picks up a screw with a pair of fine tweezers and holds it in my direction. “That’s not the smallest of them,” he says. 



Blackheath Cycling Infrastructure Business Grows Nationally

 Ten years ago, Graeme Roth and his partner Suzanne Kowalski-Roth, took the plunge and left Sydney with their two young children - keen to forge a future in Blackheath. 



All in the Family with Mary Moody

Walk down any pretty tree-lined street in Blackheath and I guarantee more than a third of the cottages will be occupied by a person living alone. Mostly they’re older people who are on their own either by choice or through life circumstances.


Popes Glen Photo 2

From Wasteland to Wetland in Popes Glen

Popes Glen Creek rises in Memorial Park, close to the town centre of Blackheath, then flows east for about 4km through Popes Glen Bushland Reserve and into the Grose River.



BTB kids

Filmmaking bringing young and old together

For over ten years Lithgow High School Filmmakers have been making award winning films that have been screened all over the world with high regard.



Simon digs for Blackheath

Simon Says: “Get Connected”

To devote yourself to the community is an extraordinary thing. How does it happen? For Simon Hare it started with his family motto: “be curious, try everything and learn everything you can”.


mens shed1

Dropping in to the Men's Shed

OK I admit it, I’ve got shed envy! I’ve now been to the Blackheath Area Men’s Shed four times and each time I’ve found it more difficult to leave than the last.


Stop Laughing This is Serious

 When The Big Fix approached local businesses to see if they’d agree to help Blackheath phase out plastic straws, one common remark was that men rarely use straws … it’s mostly women and children.

Blackheath, in the World Heritage listed Blue Mountains, Australia, has become the world's first town in which all the shopfront businesses have agreed to phase out plastic straws.

EM Let Nature dissolve

Emma Magenta on Love, Nature & Dismantling Capitalism

“There's a lot of great people doing amazing things in the world and you can be one of them”

- Emma Magenta